Eröffnung der Konferenz

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Major topics of the conference were:


  • Successfully using ILIAS tools for educational purposes – reports on experiences using particular ILIAS functions in e-learning based courses etc.
  • Basic and further training in the healthcare sector – presentation of how the special challenges of basic and further education in the medical, therapeutic and care sectors are dealt with, and how ILIAS can be used to find solutions to these challenges
  • E-Learning and human resource development – contributions relating to skills management, testing skills, certificates of qualification and the the teaching of soft skills.
  • Natural sciences in virtual training –possibilities of ILIAS to create teaching and learning opportunities in the natural sciences and what challenges are there still to be solved
  • ILIAS international - reports based on experience of ILIAS being used internationally, and in ideas on how to better support people learning and cooperating when using different languages on one ILIAS installation